The Coca-Cola Company has several associates representing our creative content at Cannes Lions in France this week. While at the event, Judith Snyder, Global Director of Brand PR, shared her thoughts with us on the Coca-Cola "Work That Matters" session with a little insight into her initial reaction on the theme.

When the team first shared #workthatmatters as the title of the keynote they wanted to give at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, I pushed back. "Shouldn't we add the word creative? Shouldn't it be #creativeworkthatmatters"? Behind my question is the belief that being in the medical profession is Work that Matters. Educating our children is Work that Matters. Working to protect life and liberty is Work that Matters. But does creativity really "Matter"? As I saw the presentation come to life and read example after example of The Coca-Cola Company going against convention to challenge racial divides, gender stereotypes and shining a light on issues and causes that truly matter, I understood. I was reminded of the truly profound effect creativity can have to inspire real behavior change. And I came back time and again to the simple fact that provoking happiness, in big and small ways really does matter. Creativity is #workthatmatters.

Wendy Clark and Judith Snyder at Cannes Lions 2013

Wendy Clark, SVP of the Sparkling Brand Center, and Judith Snyder, Group Director of Global Brand PR, at the Cannes Lions 2013 Coca-Cola and Spotify media event.

Reporting from Cannes:
Judith Snyder, Group Director, Global Brand PR
Motto: "It's PR not ER"