Its_mine_01I’ve been telling the story about how Coca-Cola brought “A Charlie Brown Christmas” to TV in 1965. (Charlie Brown appeared in one of our commercials during this year’s football championship game, which is what brought up this subject. See the past two posts here and here.)

So we know that the TV special made it to the air, and we know that it was – and still is – a huge hit. Everyone associated with the show got fan mail, The Coca-Cola Company included.

Here are some of the letters sent to Coke in appreciation for “A Charlie Brown Christmas”:

I am writing the first fan letter in my 52 years of a rather full life to compliment you on sponsoring the Charlie Brown Christmas television program. I don’t know when any program has delighted as many adults, as well as children, and I am writing to express the hope voiced by many who saw the program that you might be able to sponsor additional Charlie Brown programs …
Grand Rapids, Mich.

To the makers of Coca-Cola:
We wish to compliment you on the series of “Peanuts” which you sponsored on TV. Your production stands out as refreshing in entertainment as your product.
Our sincere thanks to you and Mr. Schulz for bringing to the fore, in his wholesome philosophy, the real spirit of Christmas which is so often obliterated by a false one.
It is our hope that “Peanuts” may find a permanent place in the TV realm. May the makers of Coca-Cola be greatly blessed for their part in this worthwhile endeavor.
Sisters of St. Francis
Belle Vernon, PA

(I love that a group of Sisters wrote to The Coca-Cola Company to thank us for sponsoring a TV show, but I think it proves that “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is so much more than a typical TV special!)

Dear Sir:
Our collective hats are off to you, The Coca-Cola Company, and your agency for bringing Peanuts into our home last night.
This was probably the nicest and to be the most remembered Christmas special that we will see in many years. I hope your plans include making this an annual event.
Only one thing hurt. We had to watch our competition in Syracuse but it was certainly worth the price.
Vice President, WKTV, Utica-Rome, NY

Bless you for Charlie Brown! And let’s have more of him real soon? My seven-year-old said, “Charlie Brown has trouble with people just like me.” And he was in tears because the half hour passed so quickly. “It seemed like about five minutes,” he said.
I’ll remember to buy that extra carton of Coke – by way of saying “Thank you!”
Westfield, NJ

More than 40 years after it first aired, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” still brings families together during the holidays. If you have a favorite holiday memory involving Coke, please tell me about it!