The Coca-Cola Company’s commitment to active, healthy living starts with its employees, who are taking steps to create a workplace culture that supports their overall well-being.

A few months ago, the company organized a three-day ideation session to pitch, share and launch ideas. Startup You, inspired by the collaborative Startup Weekend approach to promoting entrepreneurship, invited employees to tackle two important questions:

1.    What is my well-being vision?

2.    How can I motivate well-being in others?  

One idea generated during the initial Startup You Session, the “Coke Music Moment,” originated with one participant’s desire to bring music to Coke’s Atlanta headquarters and showcase the company’s hidden talent. A team of seven employees validated their idea, pivoted the concept to attract greater interest, and launched their solution within one week.

Now, the Atlanta office is transformed each week by employee performances. Each Coke Music Moment brings energy, vitality, rejuvenation and happiness to both the performers and the audience.

“The Coca-Cola Company wants to ignite our associates’ vision of well-being and give them permission to become the embodiment of the brand,” said Bob Florio, benefits director, The Coca-Cola Company. “Startup You is one avenue for associates to have a voice and to find their own well-being solutions, to grow and own them, and to positively influence our workplace culture and the well-being of their colleagues.”

Florio adds, “The goal is sustainable engagement. The outcome is a better workplace."