The crowd at the recent 2014 League of Legends World Championships formed early in Seoul, South Korea. A line of more than 3,000 people stretched a half-mile long outside the entrance to the Coca-Cola booth, where gaming enthusiasts scored cheer boards in support their favorite teams along with limited edition Championship Shyvana cups. Pro gamers made guest appearances throughout the day, and a few lucky guests took home special Coke bottles with their in-game-names labeled across the front.   

Despite the energy at the Coca-Cola booth, nothing could overshadow the excitement of the main event that was just a few hours away.

The Oct. 19 event was the culmination of many months of work by Coca-Cola’s Global Gaming team. In partnership with Riot Games, Coke eSports launched the Coke Zero League, a Challenger series featuring amateur players nearly a year ago. Twelve months later, as the sun set in Korea, the League of Legends 2014 champions were crowned and the Coca-Cola booth came to life against a backdrop of fireworks in the night sky.

Enjoy a slideshow from Korea here: