I mentioned in a post yesterday that Coca-Cola began stadium advertising at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil in 1950. We have a film in our collection that captures some of the ways Coke was a part of the 1962 FIFA World Cup in Santiago, Chile. In the video clip, you can see a Spanish language Coke billboard advertisement on a busy street that says "Welcome to the World of Futbol 1962" and features a soccer player. In addition to this, you also get a glimpse of how busy the Coke bar was as people crowd around for refreshment during halftime of one of the games. The concession stand workers' hands move very quickly in fulfilling orders. Just as our US office sponsored highlight films of the World Series, The Masters and NASCAR each year, this film was sponsored by our German division for their bottlers. While I could not understand the speaker, the images of Coke neon signs and the celebration that occurs after Brazil's 3-1 championship victory over Czechoslovakia speak for themselves.