Oscar_033728_2 It really surprises people when I tell them that one of the pieces in our archives is an Oscar – yes, an Academy Award!

The award show airs Sunday, and – if you get a chance – you can see an Oscar up-close at the New World of Coca-Cola.

It may seem an odd thing for us to have, but there is a reason! In the 1980s (1982 to 1989, to be exact), our Company owned movie studio Columbia Pictures. In 1982, a Columbia movie, Gandhi, won the Academy Award for best picture, and the Company secured an Oscar. When we created the New World of Coca-Cola, we included the statue in the exhibit. (And, yes, each member of the Archives had his or her picture taken holding it, giving a fake acceptance speech!)

Our award is an authorized duplicate of the Oscar given to Gandhi producer Richard Attenborough.