Togetherness and happiness swept through Germany earlier this month, as the country celebrated 25 years since its historic reunification in 1990.

On Oct. 3, more than 1 million people gathered at the Brandenburg Gate – the iconic landmark that stands near the old border between East and West Berlin – for a celebratory “Festival of Unity” presented by Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola Germany organized the spectacular event, featuring 10 hours of live music and entertainment from some of Germany's hottest stars. As well as entertaining and moving the crowd, the festivities were also beamed live to an estimated TV audience of 6 million viewers.

In a thought-provoking program that touched hearts and stirred emotions, special guests also shared 25 key moments from the past quarter century, reflecting on social, political, sporting, cultural and personal events that have helped to bring Germans even closer together.

Speakers included German boxing legend Henry Maske, who was born in East Germany and then turned professional after reunification in 1990. With a career that spans east and west, the sporting icon touched the crowds with inspiring reflections of what German unity has given him, and his country.

Defining Moments

Other defining moments remembered during the day, included the election of the German Pope Benedict XVI in 2005, and Christo's 'Wrapped Reichstag' artwork of 1995. The wrapping of the German parliament building in more than a million square feet of aluminum-colored fabric was a powerful and celebratory symbol of the new Germany. Of course, football triumphs also featured strongly, including Germany's hosting of the FIFA World Cup in 2006 and its victory in 2014 – an event that was also celebrated with a giant party organized by Coca-Cola, with over a million people flocking to the Brandenburg gate.

No party would be the same without music, and a star-studded lineup of top bands – including Revolverheld, Felix Jaehn and Lena – kept the crowd dancing throughout. Another hot star guest was DNER – one of Germany's most popular YouTube stars, and the presenter of Coca-Cola Germany's hit YouTube channel, CokeTV, with more than 2 million monthly subscribers. He also served as the host of the livestream on Coke TV.

Fan Mile

The bands played to a “fan mile” illuminated by a sea of lights. The crowd was also linked on live TV to a ceremony in front of the Reichstag, with the national anthem and a spectacular firework display. All the celebrations were streamed live on Coca-Cola Germany's website and on CokeTV.

"This was an incredibly inspiring occasion. It was beautiful and so emotional to bring so many people together to celebrate the things that bind us together. The whole of Germany united in Berlin at the Festival of Unity, and we did our best to allow millions of people all over the country to enjoy it, as well as bringing the event alive in Berlin itself," said Lars Senhen, trademark director, Coca-Cola Germany.