At Coca-Cola, we understand that selling products is not the only thing that makes a company successful. We know that strong and innovative leadership and a positive corporate reputation are the building blocks to instilling trust in our brands, not only for our consumers, but also for our stakeholders. 

That's why we're incredibly honored to top the 2014 list of America’s Most Respected Brands, as compiled by CoreBrand.

Each year, the consulting firm polls 10,000 executives to determine the familiarity and favorability of 1,000 brands by asking respondents how they perceive brands' management capabilities, investment potential and overall reputation. Brands with high familiarity and favorability rank as "most respected," while those with high familiarity but low favorability are considered least respected.

The study shows that to become respected, a company must build its brand over a long period of time, CoreBrand CEO Jim Gregory told PR Week.

"It takes time to build a brand," Gregory explained. "This is not just about advertising your brand, not just about social media or PR, but rather an understanding of the brand through the entire brand experience."

Here's the complete list of the top 10 most respected brands, including newcomers IBM, Apple and General Electric:

 1. Coca-Cola
 2. PepsiCo
 3. Hershey
 4. Bayer
 5. Johnson & Johnson
 6. Harley-Davidson
 7. IBM
 8. Apple
 9. Kellogg
10. General Electric