The Coca-Cola Company announced in August 2001 that it had discovered an original Norman Rockwell oil painting created for a Coca-Cola® calendar in 1931. The painting had been out of public sight for seven decades and had never been publicly displayed.

Three original Rockwells are missing. Do you have one of them? Rockwell was one of America's foremost illustrators. The Coca- Cola Company commissioned him to paint six different illustrations, including four calendars, one billboard and one magazine ad for the Saturday Evening Post.

The Company now possesses three of six original artworks it commissioned from Rockwell between 1928 and 1935, and would like to acquire the other three.

"Barefoot Boy" was acquired from a retired printing company executive who had obtained it from the firm that produced the original calendar. The two other Rockwells the company has located -- "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny" from 1934 and "Out Fishin'" from 1935 -- remained in the Atlanta area before the company found them.

The newly found painting, "Barefoot Boy," depicts a Tom Sawyer look-alike holding a bottle of Coca-Cola with his dog beside him. At the time it was introduced, the work was the most popular calendar for Coca-Cola ever, with close to 2 million distributed. The same artwork also appeared on trays, school tablets, window display pieces and outdoor posters.

The Company is actively searching for these works:

"The Old Oaken Bucket," 1932 - A boy sitting on a well with a small wooden barrel of bottles of Coca-Cola in his lap.

"Wholesome Refreshment," - A 1928 sepia tone magazine ad for The Saturday Evening Post in which a smiling young man in a sweater and knickers lounges with a Coca-Cola. In the background, adults are dressed in their finest 1920s attire and children are playing. A legend at the bottom of the ad declares, "8 million a day."

"Office Boy - 4 p.m. - The Pause That Refreshes," - A 1930 outdoor poster in which a smiling boy, dressed in a suit and tie and carrying a tray with two bottles of Coca-Cola and two bell-shaped glasses, is opening a door that says 'Vice President.' [Picture featured above]

If one of the works Rockwell created for Coca-Cola is in your attic, basement or den, please contact:

The Coca-Cola Company
Archives Department
P.O. Box 1734,
Atlanta, GA 30301.