5976403131_8990f87979_b When I travel, I always note and quite often stop to photograph old Coke signs or vending equipment I run across.  As I was leaving Mt. Rainier National Park while on vacation recently, I saw a great Coke sign to add to the collection.  I could not help but notice the iron statutes all over the yard as I got out of the car to take the photograph.  It turns out I had stumbled across Ex-Nihilo, the outdoor sculpture park for Recycled Spirits of Iron by artist Dan Klennert.   I enjoyed the artwork and would have loved to have stayed longer, but after a day of hiking the mountain, it was time to move on.  If your travels ever take you to Washington State, take a side trip down State Road 706 to enjoy the art, and, as Dan says, "Welcome into my imagination, please wipe your feet."

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