Today is International Music Day. (If you read the blog regularly, you may think this is one of the more traditional days I've recognized!)

Coke_international_music_dayCoca-Cola has been associated with music from our beginnings. Several of the early celebrities to appear in Coke ads were singers.

Also shortly after the turn of the last century, Coke issued sheet music for popular songs of the day, including the ever-popular "They Found That He’d Been Drinking Coca-Cola!" Coca-Cola sponsored radio programming in the U.S. from the late 1920s into the 1960s, and music played a role in our early advertising in countries ranging from Brazil and Egypt to the Philippines and Italy.

Coke's involvement with music continues in the present day with promotions with iTunes in Europe and our partnership with "American Idol."

A full history of the more than 100 years of Coca-Cola and music would take days. So I thought I would "split the difference" and include a 1954 calendar from Spain.

"Coke and music" can also include family nights at the piano!