I get a lot of questions on the blog about memorabilia and how much Coke items are worth.

One of the best ways to see the current values of Coca-Cola collectibles is to see how much things are selling for at auction.

Earlier this month, I attended the Coca-Cola Collectors Club convention in Dallas. There’s always a live auction at the convention (with an auctioneer and paddles we bid with – just like on TV!). The Club has an area of its website with photos and final prices from the auction . It takes a while to get the prices up, so I thought I’d give you some of the surprising selling prices from Dallas.

Prices of Coke items in Dallas
Coke_state_tree_festoonA 1962 festoon highlighting state trees sold for $425. The festoon was in nice condition and it came with the original envelope, which is unusual. Many times when you find festoons, they will have considerable damage because they were often nailed into the walls of the stores where they were displayed.

Coke_centennial_pin_setA popular, but common, item among collectors is a framed pin set made for Coke’s centennial in 1986. This set sold for $80, less than $1 a pin. Pin sets are usually most popular at the time they were issued. Generally speaking, they do not appreciate in value over time.

We8_bottle_setNew items sell at auction as well. A set of the WE8 Olympic bottles made for the Beijing Games sold for $90. (The set includes all eight bottles, the music and a nice box.) The set sells on the Coca-ColaStore.com site for $60. This set is a good example of a timely collectible. Interest in the Beijing Olympics is very high at the moment, and collectors will often pay a premium to acquire items that are associated with current events.

These are just a few highlights of the more than 200 Coke pieces sold at the auction. Check out the Club’s site and come back to the blog regularly to see more values of Coca-Cola collectibles.