Coke Zero is bringing its groundbreaking drinkable marketing to the football field. This season, the brand is expanding its “You Don’t Know Zero ‘Til You’ve Tried It” campaign through drinkable broadcast spots, traditional media, digital, out-of-home, retail, social media engagement and the most popular pre-game show on TV.

To kick off the third year of its partnership with ESPN College GameDay, Coke Zero is returning to college football with Section Zero — now a Saturday staple and the most coveted seat for the ultimate fan. At each campus ESPN College GameDay visits, Section Zero will treat 50 fans to premium seating and a chance to see ESPN College GameDay’s newest cast member, Rece Davis. Students can gain access to Section Zero by showing their school spirit on game day and participating in a few classic tailgate games on campus. Those fans not on campus can experience the fun of Section Zero by tuning in to the show nationwide, or by following @CokeZero on Twitter and Instagram.

"Coke Zero fuels the most passionate college fans throughout the season, allowing them to enjoy the ritual of watching ESPN College GameDay on television or — if they’re lucky — in person," said Racquel Mason, vice president, Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero. "Section Zero was created to offer the pinnacle viewing experience, and by posting social content from this premium section, we can show fans at home that Section Zero truly has the best seats in the house at ESPN College GameDay."

Coke Zero’s 23,000-lb., 26-by-36 ft. drinkable billboard also will make an appearance this season at a few ESPN College GameDay campuses. After running through a giant contour bottle and 4,500 feet of straw tubing that spells out “Taste It,” ice-cold Coke Zero is dispensed through a free sampling station to thirsty fans.

Coke Zero ESPN

Football fans watching the game at home will also have the chance to try Coke Zero for free. The “You Don’t Know Zero ‘Til You’ve Tried It” campaign will bring 11 spots to football, and for the first time ever, includes drinkable commercials with the ESPN College GameDay crew. Three 30-second spots will feature a mix of Lee Corso, Rece Davis, Kirk Herbstreit, Desmond Howard and David Pollack, and will provide a behind-the-scenes look of the guys prepping for an ESPN College GameDay show.

As viewers watch a delicious Coke Zero pour from a glass contour bottle, they will be asked to open the Shazam app to redeem a mobile coupon for a free 20-oz. bottle of Coke Zero at participating retailer locations. Three more 30-second spots will feature Herbstreit, Howard and Corso describing their first time trying a Coke Zero, and the last four spots (three 15-second, one 30-second) will pair delicious imagery of Coke Zero product with iconic sounds of the game.

The original drinkable commercial, which debuted during the NCAA Men’s Final Four weekend, will launch “You Don’t Know Zero ‘Til You’ve Tried It” campaign’s expansion into college football, and can be seen nationally on Saturday, Sept. 5 on ABC, NBC and online.

"ESPN College GameDay vividly conveys the excitement of being on campus before the big game, and a focal point for that excitement will be Section Zero, for those at the event. For all of those who are not in Section Zero, our ‘drinkable’ commercials make it fun to try the delicious, ice-cold refreshment of Coke Zero," said Ivan Pollard, senior vice president, Connections and Assets, Coca-Cola North America. “Thinking how fans consume college football on multiple screens at once, we worked hard to make our broadcast and digital experiences intertwine wonderfully to surprise and delight fans during ESPN College GameDay all the way through to watching the games themselves."

Football fans on campus can also try Coke Zero through additional innovative elements, including a Drink Me! Drinkable Jersey featuring home team colors and a logo that can sync with the Shazam app. Fans will be encouraged to Shazam the logo to get a free 20-oz. bottle of Coke Zero at participating retailer locations. The Coke Zero Sip-Off Drinkable Challenge will give fans from opposing teams the chance prove their dedication and attempt to finish a virtual Coke Zero before the other. The microphone on their smartphone becomes a straw, and as if by magic, the Coke Zero on their screen disappears with each “sip” they take. The winner will get a free 20-oz. bottle of Coke Zero (at participating retailer locations) and other great prizes.

Throughout the college football season, Coke Zero will share social content from ESPN College GameDay, straight from the fans sitting in Section Zero. Each week, drinkable social content will be shared, giving fans online another chance to use their Shazam app to receive a free 20-oz. bottle of Coke Zero. Don’t miss any of the excitement by following @CokeZero on Twitter and Instagram, and joining the conversation with #sectionzero.