Did you know Coca-Cola Zero was launched last year in countries ranging from Argentina to Ireland and Thailand? That follows introductions in Australia, Germany and Great Britain in 2006.

CokezerocanEven before its official launch in the U.S. in 2005, Coke Zero became a collectible when we auctioned off a prize pack on eBay. While I don’t know the man who ended up with the prize, I do know several disappointed Collectors Club members who were among the top bidders! The prize pack (including limited-edition Coca-Cola Zero bottles -- again, before they were in stores -- and a steel cooler) brought in a cool $2,750 that was donated to the American Red Cross.

When I checked a few of the online auction sites a few days ago, there were dozens of Coke Zero items available including bar signs, commemorative bottles and cans, and even a poker set from Hong Kong.