As part of the Bond Integrated Marketing campaign that was developed by Coca-Cola’s North West Europe and Nordics business unit to support Coke Zero’s association with the newest Bond movie “SkyFall”, we launched an online video to drive engagement and conversation around the central campaign idea of ‘Coke Zero drives you to unlock the 007 in you’. The video was shot at the Central Station of Antwerp in Belgium inviting real consumers to unlock the 007 in themselves and overcome their personal 007 mission to win exclusive tickets for this year’s most anticipated movie, “SkyFall”.

A Consumer Jumping Over Oranges on his Mission for Free Skyfall Tickets.

The viral effect of the video has been amazing, making the content highly successful for the Coke Zero brand while breaking Company records in terms of online views and engagement. For those who haven’t seen the video yet, check it out:

Here are some key facts to date – 1 November 2012:

  • High reach: 7.1M views on YouTube
  • High enjoyment: 98% likes on YouTube
  • High engagement: 832.3k shares (801.9k via Facebook, 29.8k tweets and 500 via blog posts)
  • Strong coverage: Beyond online pick-up, the viral success delivered strong coverage in offline media as well (TV shows, newspapers, trade press, etc.)


Posing in the Central Station of Antwerp where the video was filmed.

With the above results, the video has entered the Mashable Top 100 of most shared ‘commercials’ EVER and is still climbing…  Also, the video is the most shared Bond related ad and got us in the Top 3 YouTube search results of ‘007’ leveraging the association with “Skyfall”.

Using members of the public in a common place like a rail station delivered great participation and real emotions that resulted in content with a strong emotional resonance. And let’s be honest: who hasn’t dreamed of rushing through a busy station in true Bond style… To us this video is a great example of the power and productivity of strong & relevant content to drive ‘brand love’.

On behalf of the North West Europe and Nordics ‘007’ project team, Michel Palmen, Marketing Manager Coca-Cola Zero

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