I’ve told you about the great Bird’s Nest commercial Coke has for the Olympic Games, in which animated birds use drinking straws to create a nest that looks like the Bird’s Nest stadium in Beijing. That ad has been rated the most-liked ad by viewers of the NBC broadcast of the Games!

Coke_olympics_ceremony_ad2I hope you’ve seen another great ad we’ve been airing during the Games -- one that celebrates Coke’s longtime relationships with the Olympic Games and the Special Olympics.

Called “Ceremony,” the commercial shows athletes during medal ceremonies at the Olympics and Special Olympics.

Coke_olympics_ceremony_ad6_2As you see the athletes having medals put around their necks or even kissing their medals, the voice-over says: "If you've had a Coke in the last 80 years, you've had a hand in making every Olympic dream come true."

As the contour bottle and the “Coke Side of Life” tag come up at the end, you see a note that Coke has been supporting the Olympic Games since 1928 and the Special Olympics since 1968.

I really like this ad, because it shows the honor and grace of the medal ceremonies, but also the sheer joy the athletes have when getting their medals. I hope you’ve enjoyed it too.