The other day I talked about the Coca-Cola Holiday Caravan commercials and truck tour, and I mentioned that the trucks have toured around the world.

This year Germany is hosting its 12th annual Caravan truck tour!

Coke_caravan_in_germanyBack in 1998, nearly 50,000 people gathered in Berlin to welcome the Coca-Cola Caravan as it entered the city through the Brandenburg Gate. That’s quite an impressive crowd!

Ten years later, this year the Caravan will visit more than 50 German cities between November 28 and December 21. And for the first time, the tour kicked off with a “truck parade”’ inspired by the TV commercial.

The theme of this year’s tour is “wishes.” At every tour stop, people will be invited to pass on the Christmas feeling by sending personal wishes to family and friends. One of the trucks even has a “studio” allowing people to send e-cards!

Another one of the Coca-Cola Christmas trucks will take a separate route as a charity truck. This truck will make 11 stops to collect wishes from kids and adults – compiling what is probably the world’s biggest wish list.

Coke in Germany is even celebrating the holidays in the virtual world (at Through a link-up with Google Maps, you can virtually decorate your loved ones’ houses and send the pictures as a Christmas e-card. (I think that’s so cool!)

I loved what Germany is doing to continue the Caravan tradition. I don’t speak or read German, but I was able to figure out the Caravan information on the Coke Germany website. I could even find the schedule!

If you visit the Truck Tour in Germany or anywhere else, let me know how it was!