Last week, I told you about Coke’s new “West meets East” WE8 Olympic collectible bottles. They’re just one part of Coke’s Olympic activities.

Coke_olympic_international_fridge_2This week, limited-edition Olympic collectible cans will begin appearing across the U.S. Individual cans and 12-packs feature the Coca-Cola logo in languages from around the world, including those used in countries such as Ethiopia, Russia, Thailand, China and the U.S. This marks the first appearance of the Coca-Cola script in different languages on U.S. packaging.

New designs will appear every two to three weeks. At the same time, you’ll also see 20-ounce Coke bottles with labels in multiple languages, including from these countries: Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Korea, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the U.S.

A “Six-Pack” of Athletes
Also in the U.S., a special Coca-Cola “Six Pack” of athletes will be featured on collectible packaging and in-store materials: Olympic gold medalists Natalie Coughlin (swimming), Steven Lopez (taekwondo) and Sanya Richards (track & field); Olympians LeBron James (USA basketball) and Andy Potts (triathlon); and Olympic hopeful Shawn Johnson (gymnastics).

You’ll also be able to see members of this “Six Pack” in NBC vignettes that will air during the summer.

Want to see more? On, you can get an inside look at the athletes, see videos and even design your own digital Coke bottle. You can also see the different WE8 bottles.

Do you have an Olympic collection? If so, tell me about it!