Coke’s Recyclable Plastic Bottle Wins Award (Infographic)

Our bottles, made partly from plants, impressed judges at the UK Packaging Awards 2012. Coca-Cola’s PlantBottle™ packaging range received the coveted Sustainable Pack of the Year prize. At these awards, the UK packaging industry recognises some of the best developments and innovations in the whole of the packaging supply chain over the last 12 months.

Our PET plastic bottles are made partially from plant-based materials and are also 100% recyclable. One judge commented that PlantBottle™ packaging is a “fantastic initiative and is leading the way to build up the sustainability agenda”.

Judges were impressed that the bottle has an edge over some other plant-based plastics, as it can be processed through existing recycling facilities without contaminating traditional PET.” -Packaging News

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History of PlantBottle

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Liz Lowe is Citizenship Manager at Coca-Cola Great Britain.