“What would it take…”

Joel Makower spoke at our 3rd Annual Sustainability Summit today and these, he said, were his favorite four words: 

Joel Makower

“What would it take…”

These words, for me, conjure images of smart, caring people, sitting down together, wondering what it would take to make something really wonderful happen.

For Joel, that something wonderful happens at the cross-roads between good for business and good for the environment.

“These four words can lead us to harness sustainability for innovation, to address risk and resilience, to get radically efficient profit.”

“Just last month we saw large companies pledge to protect fisheries, water, land … pledge to reach zero deforestation … purchase wind farms to power manufacturing plants.“  He paused, “and that happened the month before, and the month before that … this is progress.”  

There was a diverse crowd with an extremely high sustainability IQ at the conference today … partners and vendors and educators … caring deeply about sustainability, willing to ask tough questions and optimistic about their ability to make a positive difference for our businesses and our future generations alike. 

“When you look at the resources we have coming to us in the near future, this is a very exciting time to be in the sustainability industry … there are so many things we can do to move down this path at a faster rate,”  continued Makower.

“The only barrier is the willingness to change … the willingness to investigate.”

I am inspired and confident we will keep investigating.

I mean, “what would it take…”

Robin Arielle Torres (@robinarielle) is director of customer marketing at The Coca-Cola Company and is reporting live from Coke's 2014 Sustainability Summit.

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