At Coca-Cola, we are committed to advancing curbside recycling programs. That’s why we are pleased to be part of The Recycling Partnership – a new public-private partnership focused on increasing curbside recycling initiatives starting in the southeast region. 

The Recycling Partnership is managed by Curbside Value Partnership – an organization with more than a decade of experience in driving public-private initiatives to boost recycling rates.   Grants will be targeted at strategic improvements to create lasting increases in recovery rates, including infrastructure improvements, education programs and strategic outreach. By financing one-time contributions to support municipal recycling projects, we hope to have a sustained improvement in recycling rates for packaging. 

Increasing recycling rates nationwide requires the efforts of collaborative partnerships. We are honored to come together with The Recycling Partnership and other lead companies/organizations that are dedicated to building a more sustainable future for communities. 

For interested parties in The Recycling Partnership, additional details can be found here.