I just received our set of Colored Contour Glasses for the Archives Collection and they are great.  I love the different colors and the great contour box they arrived in.  If you are traveling in Asia this summer, you need to look for the glasses.

H. The Coca-Cola Company and McDonald’s Corporation are joining hands to bring a new limited edition colored “Coca-Cola” Contour glass series to millions of consumers throughout Asia Pacific. The campaign will cover nine markets – Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, The Philippines, Malaysia, Tahiti, Samoa, and Fiji  – and it follows the very successful partnership around the Beijing 2008 Coca-Cola Contour glass promotion.

McDonald’s, which has been a partner with Coca-Cola since 1955, will offer customers the chance for a limited time to collect these quality “Coca-Cola” Contour glasses in six colors – Pink, Green, Blue, Lime, Charcoal and Purple. The “Coca-Cola” Contour glass was developed from the “Coca-Cola” Contour Bottle, one of the most recognizable cultural icons and collectible items in the world.