PICT0034 When British collector Daniel Morris saw the recent collector focus we did with Edward Wong Che Mun he offered to share some photos of his wrapped bottle collection.  Daniel has been collecting Coca-Cola items for around six years and while he originally began collecting a variety of memorabilia, he quickly fell in love with the wrapped bottles.

Daniel described why he started collecting and some of his favorite bottles.

I had my bedroom re-decorated and as part of it I chose a Coca-Cola border around the room. As a result I started collecting Coke memorabilia, anything from clocks to posters to soft toys. Then I discovered the wrapped bottles, and from then on this became my focus. The first bottles I bought were the UK world cup set of 4 bottles with a different player featured on each one. Then I built up my collection from there.

I have over 500 bottles, and sadly no longer have the room to display them all any more. I have bottles from all across the globe from the USA, to Croatia, Bulgaria, South Africa, Japan, and Australia amongst others. I have some rare autographed bottles, and when I visited the Coca-Cola factory in Edmonton in the UK I was presented with a special staff only bottle. I have also visited the factory in Israel and collected a limited edition bottle set whilst there. I have yet to visit the World of Coke in the USA but would like to one day soon. The rarest bottles in my collection are: The Black blockbuster bottle from Australia and an unreleased Mickey 75 years of fun bottle from the USA with tag.

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