N600780066_2679035_5632946 I recently received a facebook message from a collector who wanted to share his stories.  I have  pasted in his comments below.  I would also like to mention that The Coca-Cola Collectors Club is an organization that will allow you to share your stories and passion with friends around the world.

My name is Edward Wong Chee Mun and I am from Malaysia.  I started Collection Coke sine 1999.  At that time I worked in Singapore where one day I went to a friends house.  When I entered the house I saw a big group of Coke Bottles in his room.  Then he gave me my first bottle, an old USA bottle.  From that Day I began collecting Coke.

When I started to collect, I was asking my relatives and friends who were traveling to help me buy bottles.  Then, after I have a computer, I used the internet to find friends and make trades.
5680_123700870066_600780066_3398907_479326_n The first year, I really was crazy to trade, every month, I spend a hundred dollars for trading.  This slowly, I began to be choosier and select the Coke cans and bottles I wanted to collect.

Now, most of the items I collect are the can sets and the aluminum bottles and my room is full of my collection (also my cupboard is full.)

One thing I like about collecting Coke is to know a lot of the world collectors.  I have also met a number of Coke collectors in China, Thailand, Belgium, and Singapore.  When they come, I bring them to look and my collection and we drink and talk about Coke.

You can log in my collection site and have a look.


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