Last week I posted a story about James Love and his Coca-Cola Collection, I have also received a Twitter post from Krystal Gaubert with some photographs and a link to a newspaper article on her collection that I wanted to share with you.

Krystal sent me the some information on her collection.

I have been collecting since I was 7. One piece at a time, till it has now grown into something beyond my control! I have a few favorites! Its impossible to choose just one. A few favs: a Coca-Cola neon sign I received as a Christmas gift, a couple cans from various countries with all the text in a different language, a Coca-Cola hoodie, an old Coca-Cola pocket book with its original paper and lead pencil, and some old Coca-Cola blotters!

I have included some of the photos Krystal sent, including one with the Coca-Cola script tattooed on her arm.  Now that is dedication.  If anyone is participating in the sharez contest on, vote for Krystal as the Coke rep.

File_0_b Krystal 2 Krystal 4 Krystal 3