10-Coca-Cola-Room-and-Bar I have come across a couple of articles featuring collectors the past few days and wanted to share them with you.

First, US collectors Ray and Dianne Kilinski have a Coca-Cola themed room featured in a story about "Man Caves" on the Woman's Day website.  One of 10 featured rooms, the Coca-Cola room looks great and the story highlights the collection.

Second, British bottle collector John Burley's collection was featured in The Argus, the newspaper for the Brighton region.  While the full story only appears in the printed edition of the story (which I can't post because of rights restrictions,) Burley is quoted as saying he is a "member of the exclusive Coca-Cola Collectors Club."  

If you want to become a member of the exclusive Coca-Cola Collectors Club, check out the website below, and, if you see any stories about collectors in the news, make sure to pass them along to me.