Talenthouse.com is thrilled to post this Q&A round with Jiah Choi, Global Creative Director at glacéau vitaminwater. Take a look at what Jiah has to say about getting ahead, finding inspiration and the best part of her job.

TH: What advice has helped you the most in your career?
Jiah: Make it smart. Make it beautiful. Have fun. That’s what Lee Clow [advertising titan] always told us to do. It’s good advice.

Jiah Choi

TH: What’s your morning routine like to kickstart a great day on the job?
Jiah: A very large latte.

TH: Favorite thing about working for glacéau vitaminwater?
Jiah: Two things I love…
1. Wherever I go, people tell me how much they love the brand. It’s amazing.
2. Our team. Smart group of people, doing good work and having some fun along the way.

TH: How did the Jessie J Creative Invite first come across your desk?
Jiah: Our team was inspired by the amount of amazing work the Talenthouse community was creating from all over the world. So, we knew we wanted to work with Talenthouse in some way, shape or form. As we thought about ways to encourage the TH community to keep making amazing stuff, we knew a project with Jessie J would be perfect. So, we talked to Jessie and decided, when’s the last time anyone’s designed a crazy playsuit? It’s something different and something fun.

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