First one, then two, then three, then four... Advent is at the door, and we’re now well into the holiday decoration frenzy.

This year, there is one thing that can't be missing: real Coca-Cola candles. And the good news is you can make them yourself with the following step-by-step guide:

You need the following for four Coca-Cola candles:

  • 27 long white candles
  • 4 empty, clean and dry Coca-Cola 20-oz. PET bottles (with the labels carefully taken off; you'll need them later) 
  • 1 wax crayon per candle, in the desired color (alternative: wax coloring bar). We’ve opted for red, green, silver and black
  • An old pot
  • 4 toothpicks
  • 4 metal nuts
And off we go!

Step 1: Cut up the candles

Break six long candles or cut them lengthwise with an old knife and take out the wick.

Step 2: Tie wicks

Take two wicks, tie them at the ends, and cut off the protruding wick. Then tie a metal nut to one end of the wick and a toothpick to the other.

Step 3: Put the wick in the bottle

The wick should be long enough for the nut to reach the bottom of the bottle, when the toothpick lies across the lid of the bottle. If it doesn’t quite work: Simply untie it again and adjust the length accordingly!

Step 4: Melt the wax and fill the bottle

Melt the wax along with a wax crayon of the desired color in a container of water, then carefully pour it into the empty bottle. Leave a few centimetres at the upper rim of the bottle. Caution! The wax shouldn’t be too hot, which can cause the plastic bottle to contract. If in doubt, allow the wax to cool down a bit.

Step 5: Infuse with white wax

First, allow the wax to cool off and solidify in the bottle. This will take at least one hour. To speed this up, you could also put the bottle in a container of cold water. You could use this time to make the three other candles! Once all of the Coca-Cola candles have solidified, melt three white candles and fill the bottles to the top with the wax. Don’t forget: The wax mustn’t be too hot!

Step 6: Cut open the bottle

Now for the slightly tricky part – take the candle out of the bottle. The easiest way to do this is with small, sharp scissors. First, remove the toothpicks from the candles. Then, on the flat surface, where the label would otherwise be, pierce a small hole in the bottle and cut it open all the way around. Don’t worry if it leaves a little mark – we will be able to hide this later with the label. Then carefully remove the plastic from the bottle. This can be achieved more easily by cutting the plastic bottle piece by piece.

Step 7: Undo the knots and fasten the labels

Now undo the knots where the toothpicks were and shorten the wick to a suitable length. Next, fasten the label. It won't stay on by itself? Just use double-sided photo stickers! If your labels are from a larger bottle, you can trim them down to the appropriate size.


Once the plastic covers have been removed from all the candles, the wicks have been shortened, and the labels fastened, simply decorate with some fir sprigs – and you’re done! As soon as the flame of the candle gets close to the labels, you should remove them.

Happy Advent!