Soccer has always been more than just a game to its fans. It brings together a nation's people and their fervent devotion to a sport that both exemplifies brotherhood and intensifies rivalries. That is why, this summer, Coca-Cola has partnered with Copa America Centenario to celebrate the 100-year marker of the Copa America tournament.

The matches, which kick off today and run though June 26, will feature some of soccer’s biggest stars from around the world. The 100th anniversary of the tournament marks the first time the U.S. will host Copa America, magnifying the emotion that is sure to surround the games.

“The Coca-Cola Company has a longstanding connection to soccer and the sport’s ability to bring people together,” said Bob Cramer, group director, sports marketing, The Coca-Cola Company. “Because of that heritage, we wanted to be a part of this year’s special Copa America, which will celebrate the tournament’s rich history, and the passion and excitement that surround it.”

Whether it's the grief of an unprecedented loss or the elation of a match-winning penalty goal, sometimes emotions are too powerful for words. During those times, music can give voice to the feelings that you cannot express. This idea inspired Coca-Cola to adorn bottles with song lyrics that reflect the heightened emotions behind the world’s favorite sport.

Coca-Cola invites fans to "Share a Coke and a Song" to express those feelings without having to say a word. Lyrics like “We Are the Champions” and “Hold My Hand” will be among the many inspirational phrases showcased on bottles this summer. The campaign will also feature a series of vignettes representing the different feelings and moments that accompany Copa America. Among them includes a TV spot that captures the essence of feelings too powerful to express aloud. The reel illustrates countless emotions flashing across the faces of super fans in celebration and heartbreak, highlighting the fire and passion people around the world share for soccer.

Fans can continue to share moments with Coca-Cola by keeping up with the conversation on social media. Commemorative stickers, emojis and GIFs will be made available on Facebook and Twitter to share with family and friends. By using the hashtag #CopaCocaCola, Twitter users can also access a custom hashflag emoji to express their love of soccer and all things Copa.