There's something about fall that can put a smile on anyone's face. The smell in the air, crunchy leaves under your feet, and of course, the excuse to buy a new pair of boots (it's on the top of our list every year). But one of our favorite parts of the season is transitioning our home decor to match the beauty outside, and we have the perfect DIY to represent our favorite fall colors and scents!

Making your own candles is an easy project that is also easy on your wallet (we need the money for that pair of boots!). Many of us have tea lights or half-used candles hanging around our house that can be repurposed, but if not, you can stop by any store to pick up inexpensive candles. 

Here's a full list of what you'll need:

Creating Candles from Coke Bottles

  • We loved these tall Coca-Cola glasses (see top photo), but you can also use any glass that will hold your candle. Feel free to get creative! You can things such as teacups, mugs, a mason jar, or even an actual Coke bottle!
  • Candles in your choice of color. We chose orange and red to match the season!
  • Wicks (available at local craft stores) Knife
  • Chopsticks
  • A pot to boil water
  • A pan that fits comfortably inside the pot
  • A measuring cup

Step 1: Boil water in your pot, and place the pan inside.

Creating Candles from Coke Bottles

Step 2: Chop your candles in half and remove the wicks.

Creating Candles from Coke Bottles

Step 3: Place the candles inside the pan so that the wax melts. If any wicks are left behind, just pull them out with a chopstick. Stir the wax together and wait until it is fully melted. Be mindful of mixing colors depending on the wax you’re using.

Creating Candles from Coke Bottles

Step 4: Pour the wax carefully into the measuring cup, while placing the wick inside the glass. You can mix in any scented oils if you like, we used pumpkin for this project. If you're a huge Coca-Cola fan, you can also use your favorite flavors, like cherry or vanilla.

Creating Candles from Coke Bottles

Step 5: Pour the wax slowly into your glass - that will ensure it goes evenly - and hold the wick while doing so. Don't let the wax sit in the measuring cup for too long, as it will harden quickly. Use two chopsticks to hold the wick in place while the wax solidifies and try not to move the glass.

Creating Candles from Coke Bottles

Step 6: Wait 24 hours for the candle to harden completely. Step 5: Trim the wick, light your candle, and enjoy!

TIPS: If any wax splashes, just wait for it to dry and scratch it off. If you find any holes or unevenness in your candle, just heat up more wax to smooth it out.


These candles can make great party favors, holiday gifts, or home decor accents.  And they can be easily altered to match your interiors each season!


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