Coca-Cola India is sponsoring Frank Simcic as he raises awareness for the Coca-Cola NDTV Support My School campaign by bicycling from San Francisco to Cincinnati. Frank is meeting people and speaking at different forums and audiences to raise awareness about issues that lead to students dropping out of school early. He has been engaging with people en-route and also through hangout sessions all around the world. He has shared some of his experiences on his blog, capturing pictures and recording videos along the way. Scroll down to get a look at several of his snapshots during the trip so far.

San Francisco

Frank on the beach

Support My School Cross Country Bike Ride

NDTV Support My School Campaign

Ride 2 for Support My School

Want to follow along on the rest of Frank's ride? Join him on his journey by following Frank's 'Support My School' blog.

Sameer Pathak is Sr. Manager of Public Affairs & Communications at Coca-Cola India and Mallory Perkins is a Social Media Analyst at The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta.