From social networking to photo editing, mobile games and apps are all the rage among many teens worldwide. They're popular for their entertainment value, but one new app called CURE Runners is combining the fun and games aspect with an educational purpose.

CURE Runners teaches Austrian teenagers how to manage money in a playful way. The game was developed by startup company Three Coins, winner of “Ideas Against Poverty” 2011. Three Coins worked together with the game developer studio ovos, credit counseling agencies, universities, pedagogues and teenagers. The content of the game was developed by a think tank founded specifically for the project and from communication with the debt prevention authorities of the states.

With the “Ideas Against Poverty” initiative and in cooperation with the daily newspaper Der Standard and the WU Vienna competence center for nonprofit organizations and social entrepreneurship, Coca-Cola supports the implementation of social projects that focus on the fight against poverty and on poverty prevention in Austria.

Cure Runner Logo

Katharina Norden, a young entrepreneur and founder of Three Coins, won the contest in 2011 with her mobile game project that teaches teenagers financial literacy. CURE Runner is now available for free download on iOS and Android. Get the app here.

“Today, managing money is as important as reading and writing... for a life in freedom and self-determination, for a decreasing risk of poverty, and for a healthy economic system,” says Norden. 

“I am really impressed, Three Coins has managed to prepare this difficult topic perfectly for the target audience,” says Philipp Bodzenta, Coke's public affairs and communications manager for Central Europe and member of the “Ideas Against Poverty” jury. “The game shows that the jury of 'Ideas Against Poverty' has the right sense of creative projects and socially committed start-ups.”

How it Works

CURE Runners (“Runners” refers to a popular Jump ’n’ Run game genre) tells the exciting and complex story about the resource CURE which is extracted on “Raynebow Island.” The island is hit by dangerous pollen storms and, in this scenario, CURE is an elixir of survival and a currency at the same time. In the role of the main character, Alice Stance, players have to accomplish missions, reveal secrets and always make sure they have enough CURE left.