David Correy, the singer featured on the Coca-Cola 2014 FIFA World Cup anthem "The World is Ours," will perform his song "I Am" this Wednesday, Jan. 29, on NBC's The TODAY Show. 

David Correy

“I Am” is a collaboration by Rock Mafia, Correy, Wyclef Jean and Tokio Hotel. The song is featured in the current USA Network/NFL anti-bullying “Characters Unite” campaign and also in the EA FIFA 2014 Video Game. 

"Music is a powerful and uniting force," Correy said. "This song resonates with people, and I am blessed to be apart of it and work with such amazing artists."

Producer/songwriters Rock Mafia brought together the eclectic mix of talent: Correy, Wyclef Jean (award-winning artist, producer and songwriter known for his work with The Fugees) and Tokio Hotel (a multi-hit, multi-million-selling band from Germany that has won countless awards throughout Europe and Latin America).

"The song 'I Am' inspires the world to say 'I am perfect the way I am', to embrace all of our unique diversities and unite the world in the fight against bullying and discrimination," Rock Mafia said