Tune in to Anita Benner’s globe-spanning music, inspired by a life of travel.
By day, Anita Benner is a music designer from Austin, Texas who helps create the sounds of famous brands, and by night, she writes the music that make your favorite television shows come to life, with her songs featuring on nearly 20 prime-time programs. In her free time, Anita travels the world singing and entertaining in three languages!

Multi-lingual (Spanish, Portuguese, Uruguayan), singer/songwriter, music designer, blogger…there are so many descriptions that you could use for Anita Benner. We talked to the multi-talented artist about her track for Coca-Cola 52 Songs of Happiness, and her choice of Placelist.

52 Songs of Happiness Anita Benner 300

Hi Anita, how would you describe your music?
Ever since I was little I’ve loved traveling and exploring other cultures. My travels have motivated my music, and I love mixing different genres, languages and instrumentation. I’ve sung in a bossa nova quartet, a 13-piece salsa band, a Latin hip-hop group, and recently I’ve been experimenting with electronic music.

How did ‘Destapa La Felicidad’ come together?
With this song I wanted to celebrate travel and knew there was only one person I wanted to work with: my friend and producer Rodney ‘Ale’ Alejandro. Despite being in the middle of a world tour with The Script, he agreed to help me and produced this amazing track while on a plane somewhere between London and Vegas.

Wow! We’re guessing travel also plays a big part in your choice of a Placelist?
Yes, definitely. I’ve chosen Old San Juan in Puerto Rico as it’s a beach town I truly love, but ‘Destapa La Felicidad’ is inspired by all the beautiful beaches I’ve visited, from Rio, and Punta del Este in the Americas, to Ibiza, Capri and Cassis in the Mediterranean. The songs I chose for my Placelist all remind me of those magical places.

Listen to Anita Benner's Placelist