Diet_coke_introduction_2 Diet Coke was introduced with much fanfare on July 8, 1982, so the brand celebrated its 25th anniversary last year. (Yes, I do know that might make you feel old!)

Throughout the years, we’ve had some shall we say “different” celebrities appear in ads for diet Coke. If anything, this list illustrates how times have changed -- and how diet Coke has always tapped into what’s popular at the moment.

Here are just a few names – many real “blasts from the past”:

Paul Anka
Cabbage Patch Kids
Tony Dow, Jerry Mathers and Ken Osmond (Wally, Beaver and Eddie Haskell, respectively, on “Leave It to Beaver”)
Elmo the Wonderdog
Lorenzo Lamas
David Liesure (seen as “Joe Izuzu” in car ads)
Ray Parker, Jr.
Roger and Jessica Rabbit
Telly Savalas
“Wierd Al” Yankovic

Do you have a favorite diet Coke celebrity? If so, tell me about it!