Within the world of archives, there is a smaller group of professional corporate archivists. At the annual meetings of the Society of American Archivists and International Council on Archives every year, I always enjoy meeting my peers in the profession, benchmarking and learn from best practices in the field. 

Becky Cline of the Disney Archives is someone I have admired and enjoyed working with for years. Because of the special relationship between The Walt Disney Company and The Coca-Cola Company, I find myself frequently e-mailing Becky to exchange knowledge and ideas. We also have teamed up for a joint event at Disney’s famed Club 33 at Disneyland. During that dinner, Becky showed the crowd a copy of a proposed 1942 script for a movie by Disney about Coca-Cola! It was the first I had heard of the idea and was excited to learn more.

While in L.A. for a business trip in November, I asked Becky if she would give me more information on the project at Disney's Burbank Archives. I was stunned to see she had located some of the meeting notes and various iterations of the script. While the project was actually cancelled because of World War II, it exemplifies the longstanding and special relationship between our two companies and the excitement of sharing information between our archives. We hope you enjoy this video and slideshow from our visit.

Ted Ryan is director of heritage communications at The Coca-Cola Company