I love Christmas! I love crafts! And I love Coca-Cola!  

So, what better way to combine these passions than a Christmas Advent calendar made from an antique Coca-Cola crate? Pinterest sparked the idea, but I took it to a new level by adding famous Coca-Cola advertising illustrations by Haddon Sundblom.  

It was actually quite easy… and fun! I bought a piece of foam core, some ribbon and a package of round erasers from my local dollar store. I printed out the Santa images from the Internet and sized/cut them accordingly, as well as the numbers 1-24. 

The ribbons served as the “hinges” attaching each foam core “door” to the crate and some hot glue put it all together!

Advent calendar 2

It was done in an evening, and I’ve been putting treats for my family in each door since December 1st!  

I hope this is the first year of a long, family tradition.