On a lazy Sunday morning, I was flipping through a few favorite apps and magazines looking for inspiration. Our 98-year-old Craftsman home has presented us with quite a few design challenges. I find a lot of practical yet beautiful ideas on Pinterest and Houzz. This site is also another great resource for creativity-on-a-budget, especially if you want to try a project that doesn’t require completely building something from scratch.

With the holidays quickly approaching, I was searching for ideas to create a little more space for entertaining. Bar carts are uber-trendy, and I love the way they invite people to help themselves. From there, the idea for a “drinkstation” was born.

With a few tools, Keurig® beverage makers and accessories, my idea became a reality (see photo above)! I bought two wooden kitchen carts. We put them together and added locking wheels to make them easier to move. With two carts side by side, you have plenty of space for multiple guests to serve themselves. I wanted to have both hot and cold beverages for my guests, and Keurig® came to the rescue. I put my hot brewer and the Keurig® KOLDTM Drinkmaker together with the respective K-Cups and Keurig KOLD pods. My aunt gave me Christmas china several years ago, and the cups fit perfectly under the Keurig brewer. I added a festive runner, along with flowers. The shelves on the cart can store extra pods, glasses or cups.  

Setting up a beverage area where guests can serve themselves a cold drink (Keurig KOLD) or a hot beverage (Keurig® coffee, tea, cocoa) helps me be a great hostess and frees up space on my kitchen counter. Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Coke Zero, Diet Coke all await my guests, who now can try out Keurig'slatest innovation, Keurig KOLD. Keurig’s fun colors for their coffeemakers mean you can take this idea way beyond the holidays. Why not have an orange, purple or turquoise coffee maker? You can shop for both on Keurig.com.

If we had a finished basement, I would definitely put a drinkstation there, too, but, alas, that is on my wish list for Santa!

Elaine Bowers Coventry is vice president, Commercial, Coca-Cola and Keurig Ventures.