Would you like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony? Or try to mobilize millions of people behind your favorite cause? Well, here’s your chance.

In honor of the Coca-Cola Facebook page becoming the first brand to receive 50 million “likes," the company will identify individuals developing ideas associated with increased happiness and ask them to collaborate with the Facebook community to spread joy globally. Ideas may include those that encourage people to become more active, socially involved or give to others, and the end result of the plan may be an invention, cause, social application or another innovation.

“We see this as a reason to celebrate, an opportunity to say thank you to our growing online community and a catalyst for cultural change," says Wendy Clark, SVP, integrated marketing communications & capabilities.

How It Works

Through a new app on the Coca-Cola Facebook page, fans can register to join Coca-Cola in influencing and shaping ideas, and rally other fans behind the project. After selecting a concept, Coca-Cola will support the innovator and provide access to teams that will help advance his or her idea. Details about the selection of participants, timelines and concepts identified will be announced in the next few weeks.

The project marks new progress in online community engagement. "All of us working on Coca-Cola around the world have taken a big step in the way we interact with consumers ... moving from one-way messages of preaching happiness to creating engaging experiences and back-and-forth dialogue to provoke happiness," says AJ Brustein, global senior brand manager for Coca-Cola.

Doing Good With Coke’s 50 Million Facebook Likes

Research shows that fans of our brands are twice as likely to consume and 10 times as likely to purchase our products than non-fans.

Why It Can Happen

“With the largest brand presence on Facebook, Coca-Cola clearly understands the value of engaging with its most ardent supporters in a way that will bring value to the community,” says Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer, Facebook. “Combining our mission to create a more open and connected community with action that spreads happiness is a pioneering step in fan culture.”

But it’s about more than just hitting that one big number. Brad Ruffkess, global connections, Coca-Cola, explains, "We're using this moment to explore the notion that 50 million people can do far more to make the world a happier place than any of us can do on our own. We see this as just the beginning."