Educating, Informing and Encouraging Families to Reuse and Recycle

Coca-Cola Enterprises asked customers and consumers to think beyond the beach during the summer of 2013. Designed to help increase the United Kingdom’s recycling rates, the ‘Don’t Waste. Create’ campaign, which will initially run for six weeks, encourages parents to submit recycling pledges online in an effort to educate and inform families about the importance of recycling, while also suggesting activities that allow them to reconnect with nature and keep their families entertained during the summer holidays.

Once recycling pledges have been entered, participants receive a voucher off purchases of two-liter packs of Coca-Cola bottled drinks, including Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Dr. Pepper and also have a chance to win a family holiday in France.

“By asking [customers] to reuse and then recycle plastic bottles, ‘Don't Waste. Create’ encourages families to think more sustainably while having fun, giving them a tangible way to help reduce their household waste,” said Nick Brown, associate director for recycling at Coca-Cola Enterprises.

Idea sheets are available for parents to download at home, outlining ways for families to imaginatively reuse their plastic bottles. Suggested ideas include a bottle bird feeder or self-watering bottle plant pot. After the activities have been completed, households are encouraged to recycle their creations once they are no longer needed.

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The campaign also supports the Company’s 2020 packaging goal to reach a 75% recovery rate of bottles and cans in developed markets.