There may be only a few months left before the New Year, but there's still time to make good on last year's resolutions. OK, so maybe it's too late to master Pilates, but remember that pledge you made to start drinking more water? Remember how difficult it was to get excited about plain drinking water? 

Well, it's not too late to start meeting your daily hydration goals. The Coca-Cola Company has released Dasani Drops, a zero-calorie liquid beverage enhancer that will make your daily hydration regimen easier than ever.

Water, Made Even More Refreshing

"Dasani Drops is the perfect solution for those who want to mix things up with a refreshing splash of flavor in their day," says John Roddey, vice president for water, tea and coffee for Coca-Cola North America.

Coca-Cola created Dasani Drops as a complement to Dasani, America’s favorite bottled water brand. With four flavors to choose from — strawberry-kiwi, pink lemonade, mixed berry and pineapple coconut — Dasani Drops provides plenty of options. 

"Dasani Drops gives people a new way to enjoy drinking water by pumping up the taste of Dasani," Roddey says. 

Hydration is an important part of healthy living. And it's not just warm summer weather that causes dehydration and saps us of energy. A cold, dry winter day can be just as dehydrating as a day of sun and sand. 

In fact, studies show that the lower temperatures of fall and winter increase the risk of dehydration. We may not feel as thirsty when the mercury drops, but when the air we breathe is dry, it requires more moisture from our bodies to process it. And when we're exercising, working or shoveling snow while wearing extra layers of clothing, the cold, dry air causes sweat to evaporate more quickly.

“People just don’t feel as thirsty when the weather is cold,” says Robert Kenefick, University of New Hampshire associate professor of kinesiology, in a report on one of the dehydration studies that he led. “When they don’t feel thirsty, they don’t drink as much, and this can cause dehydration.”

The solution is simple: Drink more water. But many of us fail to do it.

survey conducted at New York's Rockefeller University for the bottled water industry found that only 34 percent of respondents reported drinking the recommended eight cups of water a day, and 10 percent said they do not drink any water at all. 

An Easy Way to Personalize Your Beverage

If you find the taste of water boring, making it difficult to force down 64 ounces a day, Dasani Drops may help. It can make the daily hydration routine more appealing by allowing you to personalize your drinking water with as much or as little flavor as you want.

"Many consumers want to add flavor to their water and they want to stay hydrated," says Geoff Henry, director for the Dasani Brand in the U.S. "Adding flavor helps them do that. It lets the consumer make it just the way they want it."

But the drops can be used for more than just flavoring water. With the holidays approaching, revelers may want to freshen up that evening cocktail or glass of seltzer with a drop or two. Dasani Drops could even transform ice cream into something new and surprising.

Dasani Drops comes in a squeezable, 1.9 fluid ounce bottle with a flip-top cap and is designed for people on the go. Each bottle provides 32 eight-ounce servings. 

A Dasani Drops team launched a sampling tour in September, joining the Dasani Designed to Make a Difference Tour that had been traveling to college campuses since spring. They shared samples with students at nine campuses, where the product was a hit with students, according to the team. But Henry says the appeal of Dasani Drops™ is expected to extend beyond the college crowd — to flavor creators of all ages," he says.