Duke_commemorative_coke_bottle_2I read on Duke University's The Chronicle's Sports Blog that head football Coach David Cutcliffe is having regular "Coca-Cola with Coach Cut" sessions.

The meetings let students hear about football plays, have a Q&A, and have free wings, nachos and Coke with the coach. I love the idea of learning about plays from the expert. I went to Boston College, and we never got to ask the coach questions -- let alone have free food -- when I was there!

I looked in the Archives for a Duke piece and found this 1991 National Champions commemorative bottle. OK, so it was for Duke's basketball team, but it's still a nice tie-in with Coke and Duke! (And I saw it selling on the Internet for $15.)

Does your campus or company have any special events featuring Coke? If so, I'd love to hear from you!