5306087113_8d6ec5d773_o Yesterday, I attended the grand finale of the E206 Expedition at The World of Coca-Cola.  I have posted about the E206 Ambassadors when they visited with Coca-Cola Collectors in Malaysia, but Tono, Kelly and Tony have been circling the world in an attempt to visit all 206 countries where our products are sold.

In addition to the E206 Ambassadors, we had media and bloggers from a number of countries including Singapore, Korea, China, Philippines and Ukraine.  The team from China included the 1 millionth visitor to the Shanghai Expo and their Olympic Gold medal hurdler and Coca-Cola Ambassador, Liu Xiang.  In the photo above Tono and Tony from E206 and Scott McCune from Coca-Cola watch as Liu placed the battered Shanghai EXPO mascot, Haiboa, that had been carried around the world by the E206 team into a new display case at The World of Coke.

If you want to catch up with the E206 Ambassadors to hear about their journey, they will be chatting live today at 1:00 pm Eastern Time at www.livestream.com/e206