Philippine 5 I visited the Philippines late last year where I gave presentations on Coca-Cola heritage for McCann Erickson, the advertising agency for Coca-Cola Philippines and later at an employee gathering.  Since my return, I have continued to work with their marketing and communications teams as the country approaches their 100th anniversary. 

In the course of my research, I found an interesting letter which was mailed by M. A. Clarke from Manila, Philippines in 1911, to Sam Willard, the publisher of the Coca-Cola Bottler Magazine.  While it appears from the letter that Mr. Clarke had Coca-Cola syrup and was selling Coke as a fountain product in 1911, he became the first bottler in the Philippines in early 1912 when he opened his plant.  Mr. Clarke sent several letters and photograph over the next several years.  Download Philippines Clark Letter

The two ladies in the photograph at the top of the post are only identified as the "Howard sisters."  If you look closely at the photo, it looks like Mr. Clarke had the same problem with the syrup urn as many collectors and had to replace the lid.In the photos below, I have to wonder what a "Red Hot American Hot Dog" might be.

Philippine 1 Philippine 2  Philippine 4 Philippine 3