Whether on Earth Day or all-year-long, there are many ways you can get involved with keeping your water clean, protecting animal habitats, and more. Here is a list of very doable things you can do to start helping today.  

rain barrels
The City of Refuge team transforms syrup containers into rain barrels. 

Saving Water One Drop at a Time

Get creative about conservation by thinking of ways to harness your rainwater. One example: Coca-Cola works with various organizations across the country to transform 55-gallon syrup barrels into rain containers as a way to gather water for reuse. These barrels collect and store rainwater from roofs that would otherwise be diverted to storm drains and streams. Not only do the barrels collect water that can be used for things like irrigating gardens and washing cars, they also help diminish water run-off. That’s crucial, since run-off can contain fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals, which pollute streams

"Rain barrels are a tangible and effective way to inspire change to preserve our water resources," explains Jon Radtke, water sustainability program director, Coca-Cola North America. "Working with our local partners, we can encourage communities to save water drop by drop, barrel by barrel, and replenish a significant amount of water back into nature.  To date we have donated over 70,000 rain barrels and replenished over 145 million gallons of water.”

How you can help: Go online to learn about buying or creating your own rain barrel or keep your eyes open for Coca-Cola events in your area. If a rain barrel doesn't make sense for you, consider working with the River Network, a Coca-Cola partner, to see how you can help local waterways 

Recycling in Phoenix
Keep America Beautiful and Coca-Cola help people recycle on the go with these bins in Phoenix. 

Putting Your Muscles – And Your Trash – To Work

Looking for ideas on how to help make your community cleaner and more beautiful? The nonprofit Keep America Beautiful can help you do just that with its events all over the country.

On Earth Day and throughout the year, KAB's Great American Cleanup events help renew parks, trails and recreation areas; clean shorelines and waterways; remove litter; reduce waste and increase recycling. Coca-Cola partners with KAB on providing more opportunities to recycle through its recycling bin grant program. Over the past five years, more than 39,000 recycling bins have been placed in community public spaces and college campuses across the country.

How you can help: Go to the Keep America Beautiful website to learn more about its programs including the Great American Cleanup and find affiliates in your area to learn about volunteer opportunities. You can also renew your commitment to recycle and inspire your friends and family to do more by sharing the story of one plastic bottle’s journey to becoming something bigger and better.

Earth Day 604
The World Wildlife Fund is working to help restore the basin of the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo rivers. 

Helping Protect Animal Habitats

Since 1961, the World Wildlife Fund has worked to protect species and landscapes in peril. But in recent years their mission has evolved to tackle the broader issues affecting the globe including climate change, fresh water and more.

Coca-Cola has been a longtime partner of WWF and one of their current efforts in the United States is river basin conservation of the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo — but there are projects all over the world. According to the WWF, freshwater species are declining at an alarming rate of 76 percent — much faster than terrestrial or marine species — and freshwater habitats are in worse condition than those of forests, grassland or coastal systems. Of course, it isn't just people who are affected, waterways often provide locals with drinking water, irrigation, flood control, transportation and recreation. The goals of the WWF's work with river basins are to help restore habitats, grow wildlife populations, improve water quality and more.

How you can help: Go to the WWF's website to learn about their action center, how to donate money and more.

Want to Do Something Right This Second?

The Colorado River no longer reaches the ocean and its tributaries are depleted, but there is an easy way to help restore it. All you have to do is pledge to diminish your water footprint and through the Change the Course organization, corporate sponsors, including Coca-Cola, will donate to the cause. For every pledge, 1,000 gallons of water will be put back into the river.

How you can help: You can make your pledge online at Change the Course or text or text “river” to 77177 if that is easier.