I’ve been a big fan of calendars and planners ever since I was old enough to go school supply shopping with my mom. I didn't enjoy the end of summer and going back to school, but I loved getting new supplies and staying organized. To this day that desire lives on. I love having a desk calendar every year and thought this year, after a friend gave me the idea, that I’d make my own. After all, a stylish one can cost up to $30-40 at a store. I realized that with a few simple supplies I had hanging around the house, I could re-purpose an old monthly letterpress calendar into something new at little to no extra cost. 

If you don't already have a monthly desk calendar to use, you can go to your local crafts store and pick out some simple card stock. The stock can have a design or be plain so that you can decorate it the way you like. You could even use cards that you've received following a holiday, birthday or any other type of celebration for the designs – just try and find a dozen so that you can complete your calendar.

Supplies You Will Need:

  • Cardstock or old calendar
  • Fine-tip pen or markers
  • Ruler

DIY Calendar

Step 1: If you’re using new card stock, determine the size of your calendar. I recommend cutting the paper to a 4X6 size as it’s small enough to hang at your desk, but has enough space for you to draw or doodle on! If you’re using an old pattered calendar or pre-designed card, flip it over to the designated side.

Write the months as neatly as possible. If you're not into calligraphy and don't have the tools to give it a try, don't worry! That’s where a fine-tipped pen or marker can help make this look clean.

DIY Calendar

Step 2: Write out the first letter of each day of the week across the card (SMTWTFS). I used a ruler and spaced each day out evenly. Remember that towards the end of the month you're getting into double digits—make sure there is enough room across to fit all of the numbers underneath the days of the week.

DIY Calendar

Step 3: Fill in the dates for that month. (Be sure to have another calendar close by for reference!)

DIY Calendar

Step 4: For the next month, I wanted to try something a little fancier and used a calligraphy pen and ink. You could also try using cursive, block letters, or just another style.

DIY Calendar

Step 5: Repeat for the rest of the year!


Christine Petric

Christine Petric is the founder of The View From 5 ft. 2, a personal style and fashion blog. Christine provides style tips and inspiration with an additional petite perspective. She is a Texas native that currently resides in Chicago working for Groupon and additionally contributes to the StyleList network. Christine has been spotted in several publications such as Glamour.com, Lucky Magazine, Refinery 29, New York Magazine's The Cut, and Glitter Guide. When she's not blogging, she's exploring the city, learning photography and calligraphy or laughing about something somewhere. 

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