Education is one of the keys to socioeconomic development, and we create, build and encourage educational programs for students of all ages. Our programs focus on building educational infrastructure; mentoring; school drop-out prevention; reading and literacy; scholarships; business-education partnerships; and other local needs. Our longest-running educational program launched in the United States in 1987. Brief descriptions of this program and other educational programs are listed below.

United States
The Coca-Cola Scholars Program has been a premier provider of scholarships for a quarter of a century. Created in 1986 as a joint effort of Coca-Cola Bottlers and The Coca-Cola Company to commemorate the 100th anniversary of our flagship brand, the program celebrates young people who are committed to making the world a better place through civic engagement, community service and enlightened leadership.  The Scholars Foundation awards $3 million annually to high school seniors through its ‘Four-Year Award for Seniors' program.  Including the 2012 Class of Scholars, the Scholars Foundation has provided more than 5,000 Scholars nationwide with nearly $48 million to date.

The Scholars Foundation also supports 350 outstanding, civic minded students attending Two Year Colleges through the Coca-Cola All-Academic Team and Leaders of Promise Scholarships administered by Phi Theta Kappa with another $350,000 awarded annually.

The Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship program has awarded more than $19 million in scholarships to support students who are the first in their immediate families to go to college. The program has reached more than 1,000 students at approximately 400 U.S. campuses. Interested students should contact the school they are planning to attend to ask whether a Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship is in place, and if so, how to apply.

Generations of Coca-Cola Scholars are now leaders in a host of professions in government, law, education, financial services and health care.

Learn how The Coca-Cola Foundation supports Emory University's education and sustainability initiatives Emory University's education and sustainability initiatives.

Learn about graduate and undergraduate internship opportunities in North America.

Our ten-year initiative with Cimientos Foundation seeks to reduce school desertion and child labor by providing scholarships and educational support to high school students. To date, the Near Future program has contributed to the education of more than 5,400 students, of whom 925 have graduated.

For more than 10 years, we have contributed to the teaching of natural sciences at schools through the donation of state-of-the-art laboratories for scientific education. To date, 114 laboratories have been donated, benefiting 600,000 children throughout the country.

Since 1993, Coca-Cola has built 118 Project Hope Schools in China, investing a total of over RMB 150 million and helping 100,000 children attend classes in depressed rural areas.  

Beginning in 2009 in partnership with the Discovery Channel and the Ministry of Education in Egypt, we improved the curriculum in 100 Egyptian schools by providing them with audio and video learning equipment as well as intensive teacher training workshops thereby creating community learning centers. More than 220,000 individuals will benefit from the Coca-Cola / Discovery Channel Educational Program Partnership in Egypt.

Support to education in Pakistan by The Coca-Cola Export Corporation (TCCEC) extends from primary school level to university level. Our most recent intervention has been the sponsorship of a new primary school in Muzaffargarh, a less developed region of the country which was amongst the hardest hit areas during the countrywide floods of 2010 and 2011. The school has been constructed by The Citizens Foundation (TCF), a leading education-sector NGO of Pakistan which operates over 750 schools throughout Pakistan. TCF will be responsible for the school's operation and TCCEC will continue to bear the operational costs for a number of years.

Previously, in 2005, TCCEC responded to the government's 'Adopt-a-School' program, and adopted five government owned and operated primary and secondary schools. Our support included building of classrooms and play areas, providing furniture and fixtures, providing free books and refurbishment of premises from time to time.

TCCEC also regularly supports another education-sector NGO, The CARE Foundation, for providing free education to underprivileged children of Punjab province.

The Coca-Cola Export Corporation (TCCEC) has set-up an endowment fund (courtesy of The Coca-Cola Foundation) at Pakistan's leading institution of higher education, the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). The income from the endowment fund is being used to cover the entire education cost for two students for a four year undergraduate degree program at LUMS's School of Science & Engineering. These students, Coca-Cola Scholars, were selected for support purely on merit and belong to less privileged areas of Pakistan.

The Little Red Schoolhouse (LRS), the flagship education program of Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, Inc. (CCFPI), was launched in 1998 to support the Department of Education's Multi-Grade Program for public elementary schools in remote areas of the Philippine countryside. The LRS is designed to improve access to elementary education by constructing three-classroom buildings fully equipped with chairs, tables, blackboards and comfort rooms. A holistic developmental approach is also applied through workshops to upgrade the quality of instruction and equip the teachers with the special skills required to handle multi-grade classes. Parent-Teacher-Community Associations (PTCA) also undergo training on simple strategic planning, leadership development, and organizational and facility management. In 2010, the 80th LRS was successfully inaugurated, marking thirteen years of bringing quality education to elementary students all over the country.