Old met new in truly inspirational fashion aboard the Millennial Trains Project’s journey from Portland, Ore. to New York City this August. EKOCYCLE supported this cross-country trip for 25 future global leaders, aboard reconditioned vintage railway cars, by helping to create a hub for exploration and conversation around sustainability. What happened was pretty remarkable.  

Thanks to a generous donation of a complete hacker space — including cutting-edge 3D printing and scanning technology from 3D Systems Corporation® (and of course, one of the prototype EKOCYCLE™ Cube® 3D printers), everyone aboard had a chance to discover and experiment with these emerging technologies. The hacker space provided participants a chance to not only expand their skills, but to create objects that helped demonstrate their personal sustainability and social impact projects to mentors and communities along the way. Visit the new EKOCYCLE blog to read more.

Katelyn Carey is marketing manager for EKOCYCLE.