As 2013 draws to a close, EKOCYCLE is excited to announce our 8 Days and 8 Ways campaign: a celebration of the future faces of sustainable fashion. Through interviews with innovative designers, stylists, bloggers and photographers, we are highlighting their perspective on how sustainability and social conscience will affect the future of fashion. Each of these trendsetters is taking the future into their own hands by developing fashion lines, creating online outlets/blogs and capturing style through their own lenses that are not status-quo. They've seen an opportunity to change the way materials are sourced and used — and they're seizing it. Their vision, passion and efforts to change the future by rethinking what we already have make them part of the EKOCYCLE movement. We're inspired to consider these unique and creative individuals our peers.

Check out their full profiles as we reveal our 8 Days and 8 Ways campaign below:

Claire Sulmers

DAY 1 OF 8: Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily

Claire started Fashion Bomb Daily after noticing a lack of lifestyle destinations for multicultural women. Hear Claire talk about fashion and sustainability:

Babs Burchfield

DAY 2 OF 8: Babs Burchfield of Conscious Commerce

Babs co-founded Conscious Commerce with Olivia Wilde with a goal of bringing socially and environmentally aware products to consumers. Meet Babs:

DAY 3 OF 8: Video Reel with the Future Faces of Fashion

An opportunity for real change in the fashion industry has arrived — and we all can be a part of it. Six of our 8 trendsetters talk about how sustainable and recycled materials are changing everything.

Yael Aflalo

DAY 4 OF 8: Yael Aflalo

Meet a luminary in sustainable fashion: Yael Aflalo. As creative director of Reformation, she leads this high-style boutique clothing company into the new world of sustainability. Inspired yet? Find more:

Rembrandt Duran of Adeen

DAY 5 OF 8: Rembrandt Duran of Adeen

Rembrandt is the 22-year old founder of global fashion and accessories brand Adeen. His over-the-top use of plush fabrics and plastics have gained attention from street smart fashionistas and celebrities alike.

Jasmine Aarons

DAY 6 OF 8: Jasmine Aarons of Voz

Jasmine Aarons holds her boutique fashion line Voz to the highest level of social awareness and sustainability. Her materials are sustainably sourced, and she ensures those making her clothes are fairly treated. Meet Jasmine:

Kjohn La Soul

DAY 7 OF 8: KJohn La Soul

KJohn La Soul (Kadeem) is a photographer and blogger whose eclectic take on style has a huge following in NY fashion circles. Meet KJohn:

Alex & Mike Faherty of Faherty Brand Twins

DAY 8 OF 8: Alex & Mike Faherty of Faherty Brand Twins 

Alex and Mike’s fashion line is the culmination of years of fashion and business experience, as well as a love of the ocean and the environment. Their line was designed with the intent to use discarded materials from the fashion trade. Meet Alex and Mike:

Katelyn Carey is a Marketing Coordinator for the EKOCYCLE team at The Coca-Cola Company.