Today, across the United States, millions of Americans will cast their vote and officially close the book one of the most contentious elections in our country’s history. In the hours ahead, as ballots are counted and results roll in, political pundits will pontificate live on TV and social media will erupt in real time with emotional posts, knee-jerk reactions and a seemingly endless stream of divisive news articles, op-eds and memes.

While Election Day is perhaps the most important date to fall on the calendar every four years, it can be stressful and more than a little overwhelming.

That’s where your friends at Coca-Cola Journey come in. We pulled together a shortlist of heartwarming hits from our archives to brighten up your Nov. 8 newsfeed. So as you wait in line at the polls, or bite your nails watching the electoral map fill in with shades of red and blue, take a break to exercise your right… to pause and refresh with a few minutes of positive prose. Enjoy!

Message in Bottle

James Russo

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Joel Robison

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Mark Armstrong, Illustrator

10 Things That Go Better with Coke (Fall Edition!)